We LOVE Gold!

We LOVE Gold!

Gold. Who doesn’t love gold? Solid gold or gold effect finish, we love the look!!

It shows wealth and displays luxury whether it is part of our attire or used in the home. A metallic finish gives a space depth and if done correctly can be the trend which runs through your home to create the flow all good interior designed homes have.  

There are lots of metallic finishes to choose from, and like everyone we loved the rose gold trend, however this was short lived and dated very quickly so choosing the correct metallic which won’t tire is very important. Gold is a timeless trend which goes back to the Ancient Egyptian times and with this proven longevity we know gold is the metallic choice for us!!

We believe gold can be a feature in any home and suit any style, see how below –

Modern Interior Design – The gold statement lighting makes this room and certainly creates the wow factor. Using gold within the chair legs creates a discreet balance and adds symmetry to the space without being too overbearing. Using the right amount of a metallic finish is essential, we want a space to be elegant and not too flashy.


Sophie Paterson, known for her beautiful Contemporary Interior Design uses a lot of gold and brass in her schemes to add energy and sparkle. As you can see in the image above, she used the finish within the accessories, picture frames and lighting and used a darker, more antique shade for the mirror which creates contrast and complexity.

Industrial Interior Design – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the industrial gold and black contrast! The dark, unfinished looking room is brought to life with the gold touches in this image. The designer has cleverly used lighting with a mixture of finishes to link it with the rest of the room whilst introducing a new gold finish to the scheme.

Minimalistic Interior Design - How tranquil does this room look? So fresh, uncluttered and bright!! ..And, check out the sneaky gold light above the dining table! Even in a the most simply furnished home, the essentials are still essential so use gold pendants, a splash of gold within the vase, accessories or furniture to add life and energy!

Traditional Interior Design - Like every interior design type, the feature style changes to suit but the finish works in every space and is completely user preference. This traditionally designed space screams elegance and wealth and the contrast of new and old works so beautifully.

If you are in the transition of chrome to gold then start with the details, photo frames, vases, candle holders etc and build to mirrors, photo frames and pendants. Remember, you don’t need to turn everything gold! Be picky, where would you like your eye-catching features to be in your home? Could you introduce a couple of gold shades and a contrasting wood stain to the space

Most importantly - Have fun with it!