Anyone else starting early with the Christmas dec's this year? With 2020 being a complete washout I don’t see why not! Christmas is a time to feel happy, warm and cosy and who are the champions of creating that vibe? The Danes!! A Christmas, hygge style must be the cosiest! 

Sometimes it’s hard not to go overboard with the dec's, buying all the baubles on the shelf, buying a new decoration on each shopping trip but like every room we can plan and make it look super amazing! So, put down the tinsel and angel topper and let’s go with the ‘less is more’ approach. Good interior design is all about the detail, the quality rather than the quantity. It’s better to have 20 beautiful baubles than 50 cheap, unattractive baubles so let’s begin by making a list of decorations – 

1 – Christmas Tree
2 – Tree dec's
3 – Door Wreath
4 – Candles/Candle Holders 
5 – Garland
6 – Accessories/Ornament

Let’s start with the tree and as the saying goes – The bigger the better! Make sure your tree whether real or artificial is big!! It needs to fill the space it’s in. The height needs to be close to ceiling height (don’t worry about the tree topper; we find them dated an unnecessary) and as wide as the space will allow. If you want to create the perfect Scandi Christmas, then we would definitely recommend having a live tree. They aren’t ‘perfect’ looking, but they are real and natural and that is what Scandi design is all about. 

As for decorating the tree, let’s keep it simple and coordinated. This is a perfectly styled Scandi Christmas tree – 


Minimal decorations, Little colour (if any) but yet this looks amazing and shows we don’t need to fill every branch with a bauble. It’s a beautiful tree, show it off, don’t hide it behind a blanket of glitter and sparkle.

 Wreaths. I love a door wreath whatever the season but especially a Christmas themed wreath, they are the topping to your house, the cherry on the cake and it will make your house look pretty and welcoming! Again, bigger the better! A small one will not make the same impact as a large one. Here are some door wreath examples we love!


Remember, if you can’t find the perfect style/size then make one! There are so many DIY wreath tutorials online and this way you will create exactly what you want! 

You can’t feel hygge without a candle or ten!! There are so many styles of candle and so many styles of holder. Pillar candles work really well in groups at different heights and if you're concerned about the melting wax then sit them on a tray but keep them looking basic and simple for a Scandi minimalistic look.  We also love a lantern!! Small ones, large ones, huge floor standing ones and they come in lots of metallic finishes to suit any interior. You can dot a couple of these around your home, on shelves, console tables and they look amazing as part of a dining table centrepiece. 

Garland is such a versatile decoration. It can be wrapped around your bannister, hung above your mantle and draped around mirrors and pendant lights. There are lots of garland options on the market, here are our top five –

2m Eucalyptus & White Berry Christmas


Gold and Bronze Luxury Garland


 Lit Cone Christmas Garland


Extra Long Ultimate Green & Berry Garland - 2.5m


Norway Spruce Foliage
When it comes to accessories, there is no right or wrong way of styling, it comes down to personal preference, however if you are trying to create a Scandi styled Christmas interior then there are three simple rules, number one, - less is more, two, – Stay away from bright and colourful colours, use muted tones, and three, - go for natural raw materials over faux copies. Check out this month Interior Design Box for accessories which tick all three boxes!