Monochromatic Design

Monochromatic Design

Many of us have used this time in lockdown to decorate our homes and take on the role of DIY Interior designer. With all design projects, balancing the choice of colour palettes with finding the perfect artwork, finishes, furniture & accessories to best reflect the space can be challenging and exhausting. We aim for perfection and spend time researching and gathering inspiration, images and finishes to construct the reality of our thoughts to create our dream home. How many colours should we use in one space? Stay safe and go neutral? Which wood finish? Can we mix wood finishes?  For many, interior design is a minefield, and this is where monochrome design will be your saviour.

Monochrome design – the simplest palette to create a wow factor we all desperately want our homes to have and a colour palette which is near impossible to fail with. Whilst monochrome means one colour, a monochrome colour palette is formed using different values and intensities of a single base hue with lighter and darker shades used within the same scheme rather than contrasting one colour with another. This is called monochromatic colouring –


The Black and white colour palette will forever be classic, a timeless trend which isn’t swapped and changed to reflect the seasons, a fresh and impressive palette for a simple colour combination process with a high-end result. However, the negative deliberations of a black and white palette/home stems from the fear of feeling cold and uninviting but with careful considerations of materials and finishes this doesn’t have to be the case. This design style will not be to everyone’s taste, but it should definitely be a trend to explore further when collating images and ideas for your next DIY interior design project!


As shown in the above left image the space is made up of darker and lighter shades of grey, including black and white and anything in between similar to the palette shown to the right. Below shows how we can use this method with any colour –



For those who are apprehensive at the thought of turning your home into a real life, on screen 50’s tv show we have some tips to ensure your monochrome home is warm, luxurious and definitely not dull!

Neutrals and Naturals –

With an array of shades of one single colour layered up, use neutrals in the foreground to break up the colour, this will also add depth and warmth to the space. Pops of neutral will give your eyes a warmer shade to rest on. This can be done in the same way as introducing natural materials such as wicker and wooden furniture.


Textures & Patterns –

Bold patterns within wallcoverings, floor finishes and fabrics will add drama and a satisfied sense of a personality to your home. Combining a range of bold patterns with more simple patterns found within fabric textures will add to the warmth.


Metallics –

Introducing metallics to the scheme can add subtle hints of contrast and help to lift a monochrome interior, brass and copper tones can create warmth and insert excitement to a space. For a contemporary feel use bright tones of copper and rose gold and if you want to keep your home looking traditional choose antique brass or nickel.


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