In the world of interiors, marble has grown in popularity over the past few years and is here to stay for a few more yet. Italian Carrara marble has been the staple go to marble for those wanting to inject this timeless trend into their interiors but only the brave are creating marble statements worthy of an interior designers dream project!

      Marble kitchen worktop             Marble vanity worktop

When it comes to selecting marble for our homes, the classic white Carrara remains a popular choice for most homeowners. The joy of Carrara marble is that it looks fabulous with any style of interior whether a contemporary state of the art piece of architecture or a grade 1 listed property, this natural stone is complementary to any interior.

 book matched marble bathroom

As a slab of marble is a natural product, if you visit a stone yard (which I would highly recommend as it’s like being in a sweet shop of glorious interior treats) you will be asked to choose your slabs from a large stock. The slabs will be similar as cutting marble is a bit like slicing a loaf of bread, but there will be some differences in the vein across each slice. If choosing marble for a worktop, table or wall finish, careful consideration needs to be taken to understand where the veins will meet on each adjoining slab but don’t worry, your fabricator can help you with this. If you have seams in a worktop it looks best if you can book match the slabs to ensure that the joins are as seamless as possible.

 marble slab

So, you’ve chosen your slab, what next? Well there are more decisions to be made! Marble can be highly polished, velvet matt or even a riven textured finish and then there’s the edge detail to choose! My personal preference is the shark nose finish which just adds that extra bit of edge detailing. The shark nose is more expensive the standard square edge finish due to the extra labour-intensive machining involved at the fabricators, but you will not be disappointed if you choose to invest in this option.

 book matched marble

If you are looking for stone yards my favourite to visit are:


With marble costing around £300 per sqm, we have sourced some fabulous marble accessories in our Interior Design Box to style your home into 2019 and beyond.


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