It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The time is nearing when all the little boys and girls will be counting down the days on their Christmas advent calendars until they can eagerly awake to check if Santa delivered his gifts! The parents will still be tired from the previous day of last-minute shopping, late-night gift wrapping and prepping the Christmas day feast! But forget the stress of Christmas day and the awkward family gatherings we all have to endure with drunk uncle John singing Christmas Carols to the dog and auntie Marie falling to sleep on the ‘display only’ chair in the hall. Let’s get excited about the lead up to Christmas day, when we can decorate our homes with festive accessories and spend our evenings curled up on our fabulously dressed sofa eating miniature heroes’ guilt free!

Where do we start with Christmas decorations! We love them! We love the hand-crafted baubles, the beautiful door wreaths (real and faux) and the twinkle of fairy lights (coloured lights are a big no-no!). Christmas decorations can be so personal, we may have baubles older than ourselves which have been passed down from generation to generation and decorations the kids made at nursery which we still hang 18 years later and these are the best kind of decoration but we can add to these must have’s and create themes which work with our current interiors.

Many decorated trees incorporate a metal finish colour amongst an accent colour, but we are now seeing lots of different shades of the same colour which may or may not include a gold, rose gold, silver metal finish bauble. This technique allows the decorations to blend nicely rather than create a bold contrast. I would limit a colour theme to one or two colours plus one or two metal finishes and use a colour theme which you already have in the room where the tree will be, after all for 1 month of the year the Christmas tree is another piece of the furniture and should blend with the other pieces of the room.

Artificial or real? This is a matter of opinion. Real trees are lovely and natural but aesthetically they don’t all look ‘perfect’ so if perfection is what you strive for then an artificial tree is for you. There are some superb realistic Christmas trees on the market which may cost a little more but you will save in the long run. If you want a real tree, then buy a live Christmas tree with their root ball and replant it in your garden after Christmas. Either way make sure you have the biggest tree your ceiling will allow and ensure its full. A ‘gappy’, short Christmas tree is not a great look.

The rest of your home can be just as fabulously decorated as your tree. Add Christmas scented candles to your sideboards and shelves, foliage on your fireplace and decorate your dining table with a festive centre piece and over the top place settings. Christmas is a time for cosy evenings with family in front of the fire so any additional festive accessories which can be included in the home to contribute to that feeling of home and warmth will impact on that happy Christmas feeling.


We absolutely love a wreath! The bigger the better with lots of green and ribbons and dried fruits! Again, these can be live or artificial and if you really want to, you could make your very own! Here are some images of our favourite styles –



Have a lovely December! (Adults can have Advent Calendars too).

Thanks for reading!