Get cosy without the pumpkins!

Get cosy without the pumpkins!

Most have us have spent the last 6 months decorating our homes with the new pastel colour trend we see on every home Instagram account… and then, the leaves begin to fall, the nights close in and social media makes us want to turn our homes into giant pumpkins for the season. I don’t know about you, but after spending so much time making my home pastel perfect I don’t want to figure out how to elegantly introduce burnt oranges without ruining the interior design I have spent so much time creating.

Yes, we can definitely make a cosy living environment ready for those colder, darker nights without bringing a whole new colour scheme in to the mix, stick to your pastel preference and add in some extras..

Candles, lots of candles, tall ones, pillar ones, tea lights, container candles, scented candles, candles in the bathroom, candles on a shelf, display only candles. Be like the Danes, be more Hygge and relax by candlelight throughout the colder months.


Candles come in every shape and colour so find the colour to suit your interior scheme and if you have a metallic theme running through your home, find a container to suit, there are so many beautiful candle hurricane’s and lanterns on the market.

Mood lighting is another great way to add a touch of cosy to your interior. It is created with any soft lighting which creates a calming atmosphere, so turn your practical task lighting off and switch on a lamp or two, maybe some fairy lights and feel the stress leave your body!! Play around with how much mood lighting you need to create the perfect ambience, candles and a lamp may be enough.



Nothing says cosy more than blankets and scatter cushions to snuggle in to and keep us warm during the cooler evenings. Use lots of warm fabrics and touchy textures to add an overall sense of depth and comfort. And again, coordinate your colour choices with your existing interior scheme.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next month's blog!