Decant and accessorise your kitchen like the bloggers!

Decant and accessorise your kitchen like the bloggers!

So, we have all seen the home instagrammers decanting their entire kitchens to make their cupboards look as organised as the supermarket shelves. A tidy home equals a tidy mind, right?

Not only is it visually appealing but there are so many other pro’s to decanting.

- You will be more organised and able to check when supplies are running low.

TIP!! Use clear containers to easily see stock levels!! There are so many beautiful glass canisters on the market, check out the September’s Interior Design Box for the ribbed jars we have included this month.

- Decanting makes better use of the space. It is quite easy to lose the open packet of spaghetti pasta down the back of the cupboard so having one container for each item will stop the runaways and those hard to find stuffs.

- A sealed canister will keep your food fresher for longer! Not only is the missing open spaghetti pasta annoying to get to, but it is also not the most hygienic way of storing your food.

TIP!! Use airtight containers to defend your food from insects and pests!

- Labels!! If you’re a fan of labelling, then start sticking your labels onto the jars. Once the original packaging is discarded you will no longer know expiry dates and if you have lots of variations of the same product than labelling the jar with the name will really help, and who doesn’t enjoy labelling!?












Decanting not only helps with the organisation inside the cupboard but looks amazing on the shelf. Once the storage containers and canisters are used on your shelves, they become an accessory which is great right? Form & function boxes ticked! Use other accessories in combination with your jars and baskets to create a display like the images below.












We want to see your storage ideas. Take a shelfie and tag us on Instagram @theinteriordesignbox We will share our favourites! And check out Septembers Interior Design Box for the perfect combination of items to dress your shelf!