Colours of 2020!

Colours of 2020!

Move over Millennial Pink, it’s time to make some room for Neo Mint!

According to trend forecasting service WGSN, the next big colour to dominate the world of fashion and interiors in 2020 will be "Neo Mint”, a soft green pastel which is already becoming a popular choice of colour for many of us!

Neo Mint is another soft and playful colour which will pair nicely alongside the candy pink hues we see growing in popularity for our interiors. The versatile colour will work in a variety of settings in various forms and is the perfect backdrop to any accent colour. We can use it as an alternative to grey as well as in the accessories, furniture and lighting in our homes. There’s a vast array of green shades out there, from nature inspired greens, to rich deep emeralds and greens on the borderline of grey! As seen in the image below we can cherry pick a few of our favourites and use them in the same environment to create depth and extra focal points. Farrow & Balls ‘Arsenic’ is a great paint colour choice if you are looking for a similar colour to decorate your home with.

According to WGSN, When it comes to a colour for 2020, Neo Mint is an oxygenating, fresh tone that harmonises science and technology with nature. It has a cool, futuristic tech feel but also connects with plant life and nature.”

Other key colours for 2020 are Purist Blue, Cassis, Cantaloupe and Mellow Yellow. These wonderful colours are bold enough to use as a stand alone scheme or carefully combined into one space. We have begun to see the colours combined in the world of commercial interior design and believe it will soon break through to make an appearance in residential interior design as well.

When we think of life in the future we imagine bold minimalistic design, striking colours and cutting edge technology. The excitement will see a drive towards creating futuristic schemes and styles and this is exactly what WGSN is hoping to capture in their colour predictions for 2020. You may be thinking, why is 2020 the year of the future? 

“It’s the first ‘AI Olympic Games’, where AI will be helping gymnastics judges to score marks as precisely as possible. It’s the year the world’s tallest building is completed – the neo-futuristic Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, standing 1km high. It will be the year that NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover begins its mission to see if Mars can support microbial life and perhaps one day be habitable for humans. 2020 could also see Uber introducing ‘flying taxis’ in Los Angeles and Dallas. Meanwhile, the V&A Museum’s much-anticipated The Future Starts Here exhibition starts in May, driving more interest towards a pioneering 2020.” WGSN.

Purist Blue

Up next from WGSN predicted big colours for 2020 is Purist Blue, a shade at the opposite end of the spectrum to the moody eclectic blues we all know and adore. The colour blue can appear cold, lifeless and bland compared to the other primary colours and is often disregarded as a colour to decorate our homes with. This blue hue however fills me with happy thoughts of the beautiful ocean, sunny skies and flowers filling our homes and gardens.

Similarly to Neo Mint, Purist Blue is a playful futuristic colour which is fresh, crisp and contemporary. Together with the other key colours for 2020 Purist Blue will be a colour we see in our homes and wardrobes very soon!! Farrow & Ball’s ‘Blue Ground’ is a slightly softer blue but just as fabulous as Purist Blue however if you prefer this blue shade in a wallpaper form, Elitis’ ‘Native, Maori - VP 627 03’ would be a great option.


A fusion of pink and purple creates this rich, full bodied statement colour which is elegant yet understated and combines beautifully with the other four key colours for 2020 as it contrasts with the lighter pastel shades. Is this colour a natural progression from Millennial pink with a similar softness and femininity? Elitis have a couple of fab wallpaper options if the Cassis colour is for you. ‘Eldorado, Isola - VP 885 15’ and Opening, Sinabaye - VP 725 13’, both wallcoverings are textured and have a blend of similar colours.

“Rustic, hearty fare looks great in Cassis, which radiates grown-up glamour yet is grounded, natural and surprisingly soothing. A desirable colour which is relevant across both womenswear and menswear styles it will prevail in men’s casual wear and denim, as well as decorative walls and accessories.”



A spring/summer hue, a cross between pastels and nature is another energetic, juicy shade with an orange undertone, a colour made up of red and yellow offers the feelings of warmth and energy without the overwhelming vibrancy of orange. This ‘milky’ orange is more subdued compared to the previous two years – Beacon Glow (2019) and Solar Orange (2018). Johnstones have a fab paint colour – ‘Coral Silk’ which is very alike to this beautiful Cantaloupe colour!



Mellow Yellow

Last but not least – Mellow Yellow, another earthy tone not too far removed from 2018’s ‘Lemon Fizz’ and the long-standing 1970’s mustard tone we all know and love.

“The move towards all things yellow has been largely driven by the younger generation and been dubbed the next Millennial Pink. With links to Gen Z’s well-loved brands such as Snapchat, Bumble and McDonald’s the colour has been picked up by many style influencers. Think Beyonce’s infamous ‘Hold Up’ dress or Gen Z photographer Petra Collins shoot with Selena Gomez. Not restricted to one shade, varying nuances are being explored from light buttercup to imperial mustard, to our grounded mellow yellow hue.”

We have seen this colour admired in the fashion sector over the last three years and will soon see it in our interiors. Check out Johnstones ‘Brass Mesh’ for a similar paint finish to the Mellow Yellow and follow our Instagram feed as we discover innovative ways to implement these colours in your interior - home and office!

Thank you for reading.