Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

On average we spend just under 3000 hours in bed each year so creating the perfect bedroom interior is just as important as the amount of sleep we get each night!

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A room cut off from the rest of your home where you can walk in to, take a deep breath and leave any troubles on the other side of the door. A room filled with happy thoughts and tranquillity and we have a few tips to help create a calming ambience.


We obviously love accessorising the home but be clever in how you do so. Use your favourite accessories to complete a surface and have a nice mixture of sculptures, photo frames, candles, not too many of one type and don’t just fill your space with STUFF!! ‘Stuff’ doesn’t look great, it can over complicate your room and make it look busy.

Scatter cushions are great and help towards creating a comfortable, welcoming setting but think wisely about how many you need. Quality over quantity. Use a range of accent colours and sizes to suit the theme you want to achieve. 

Dressing your bed!

There is a reason hotel’s use white sheets. Gleaming white sheets assure us the bed is clean, fresh, and this has a positive impact on how we feel about the rest of the room. White bed linen also screams luxury!! Similarly, to how the wealthy once wore white to show they could afford to keep it clean. In reality, white bed sheets are great in a hotel because we don’t have to deal with the upkeep, however in the home, chocolate fingers and muddy paw prints prevents us keeping up that luxurious style!

The style of bed sheet depends on your style, are you a minimalist? Eclectic? Shabby chic? Bedding is the perfect way to introduce some changeable excitement to a room. If you can, white crisp sheets are a great base layer for any room, topped with patterned, textured throws and scatter cushions in your style to add colour and drama. 


Symmetry is good for the mind and as interior designers we love symmetry, from matching table lamps and bedside tables to the positioning of scatter cushions. Following this rule is great for the eye and the mind. Too many different styles of table lamps and furniture is more for the brain to take in and consider and the bedroom is less about thinking and more about sleeping! 

For residential properties we would always suggest a low wattage warm white bulb for table lamps to set a cosy ambience. Using multiple light sources will open up the room and give you more control over creating different moods. Lamp shades are also a great way to introduce accent colours and create focus points in the room. 

Wall covering

The options for paint colours are endless, we can match to our most loved lipstick or favourite t-shirt and with so many finishes - matt, vinyl, wipeable, it is quite understandable why we turn to decorating our walls with ‘a lick of paint’, however there is a whole world of wall coverings we need to investigate. Geometric, floral, textured, damask, we have more choice than ever to suit all of our interior tastes. A plain, textured wallpaper can add depth and luxury to a room whilst having a similar boldness as paint. Wallpaper also adds warmth especially for those older properties with cold walls!

Whatever your style ensure you LOVE your bedroom and be happy in the space. 

Thanks for reading.