Becoming an Interior Designer

Becoming an Interior Designer

Constantly finding inspiration everywhere I go from the bluebells appearing in the spring fields and blossom trees aligning my street to the cool packaging in the spice aisle in Waitrose I just can’t help myself.


For if I didn’t surround myself with creativity, and cool people and places, I wouldn’t stay ahead of the trends and on top of my A game. I think my success has always been going that extra mile for my clients and never being lost in just making money or just doing enough and no more. I need to excite my clients and never let them feel like their project isn’t at the forefront of my mind, in my dreams and when I wake up at 3am with the perfect idea for that finishing accessory.


I love social media, how I managed to get through my degree 20 years ago trawling the library for design journals and magazines for inspiration is still is mystery to me. We barely had a handful of computers at Uni that had the internet and certainly did not have 3G on my Nokia 6210. Today’s young designers have their inspiration in the palm of their hand…quite literally!


I was always a hard worker, but I remember I really vital lesson at university that my lecturer told me which really honed my style and made my success….I had too many ideas!!!

How could a designer have too many ideas you ask? Well it is about knowing when to use those ideas and when to put them on a Pinterest board for a later date. That’s the greatest advice I can give to any designer, use every idea you ever have but know when to save that idea for the perfect project and not try to impose your amazing idea on the wrong client. The client who will love your next idea is just around the corner and will likely come because you did such a great job for another client that your reputation spreads by word of mouth.


I think everyone has an inner interior designer in their blood, whether it’s the love of creating your dream home or polishing the interior of your car…it’s in there trust me!


Bringing on young designers makes me so proud. I have had the pleasure of teaching many young graduates and apprentices throughout my career and honing their careers and seeing them blossom just fills me with joy. I also have a few budding friends that have developed their interest into a real passion and dare I say surprise me with just how unbelievably talented they are without any training (watch this space for Nathan Riley Interiors coming soon!)


Well there’s a little insight into me and my love for interiors, I would absolutely love to hear about your journey so please get in touch on our social media pages. If you would like.


Please check our blog for tips on becoming an interior designer if you have the passion and creativity we will be offering advice to make our dream job your dream job.