Be Blue

Be Blue

Following on from my previous blog, ‘Don’t be afraid of colour!’. We will be looking at shades of blue and ways we can use it in a variety of environments to create different moods. A lighter, pastel blue can provide a calming and serene atmosphere were as a deeper, darker blue achieves a moody, eclectic space. 

Stepping away from comfortable neutrals and opening the door to colour will add character and warmth to your home. It will turn your show house style into a thoughtfully designed home. 

In no particular order we will look at some of my favourite blue paints starting with one of the most recognised paint colours on the market - Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball.  



Hague blue, A rich and moody shade paired with brown woods and natural materials creates a warm and cosy environment. Using wooden floors with hints of colour will create an eclectic vibe. The green undertones allow for interior and exterior use which can be enhanced with plants to create a welcoming space.          


Stiffkey Blue, a striking, bold navy hue which will add drama to any room! Under lights this paint colour will seem much bluer and vibrant so use lighting wisely to create the overall feel you desire. Use equally bold colours within accessories to create a contrast and add focus points around the room. Red rugs, Green leafy plants and multi coloured artwork will break up the walls and add excitement. 

Dulux colour of the year 2017 went to..

Denim Drift. This colour sits nicely somewhere between blue and grey and can shift either way depending on lighting. Described by Dulux as - ’Just like your favourite pair of jeans, it’s a comfy, classic shade that looks good with just about anything’. We couldn’t agree more Dulux! 

Denim Drift looks great paired with a contrasting colour as seen in the image above and with open plan spaces becoming ever more popular this clever ‘zoning’ know-how will help you to mentally divide a room with colour whilst having the luxury of living in a modern open plan environment. 

Johnstones have definitely upped their game recently with the release of their ‘Voice of Colour’ palette which sees a range of beautiful soft subtle hues to bright primary colours to suit any environment. Cold Star, Snow Hut, Quicksilver, Acceleration & Licence to Dream are all blue favourites of mine however it was Black Flame which won colour of the year for Johnstones 2018/19 and we understand why. 

Donna Taylor, Principal Colour Consultant for Voice of Colour, said: “Black Flame’s flexibility means it’s perfect to use in a variety of spaces – from a statement wall, to a matt finish on a ceiling. It can also be used with a high gloss finish on a naturally-lit staircase, or on cabinet interior and exterior doors.”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves. Compared to the F&B blues previously discussed, this blue is much deeper due to the blend of black and indigo but similarly it can be lifted with brighter colours to create an eclectic feel. 

We need to be daring and push our creative selves. Take it a wall at a time if need be and spend time finding the right blue for you.