Accessorising your home

Accessorising your home

For most people, accessorising their home is the last thing they get around to. We move into our new home and sort out the electrics, get a new kitchen, buy new sofas and make the home liveable before we go back to work and get on with our very busy lives. But what makes a house look like it’s been designed by an interior designer is those accessories and little touches that have taken that extra time to create.


That’s why we set up Interior design Box because as designers the accessories are just as important as the furniture!


When choosing your accessories, it is good to choose varied styles to create interest and prevent repetition. Don’t get me wrong, we all love a NEXT or IKEA showroom, but we don’t want our home to be exactly the same and exactly the same as our neighbour. We have style and we want to mix it up with different suppliers. Finding those suppliers of the latest interior design accessories is just part of our day job and we want to share them with you.


Not all accessories that we use will fit in our monthly Interior Design Box but our passion to make your homes more beautiful doesn’t stop at our boxes.


We travel the world to bring to you the best and latest in interior design. This month we are showcasing our Parisian friends, Elitis and the launch of their latest accessories.


If you are interested in Elitis accessories or wallcoverings, drop us an email and we will be happy to put you in touch with where you can purchase, and mention Interior Design Box and you will get 10% discount off any Elitis RRP.  


Every month we will be showcasing our favourite suppliers and offering discounts off their recommended retail prices

Take a look at Elitis and let us know if you love our Parisian friends as much as we do!